Thursday, November 27, 2008

Never say Die

HEY! This illustration represents the blog post. It's like a comic, sort of.

Im alive, its true. I'm home for Thanksgiving, which means everyone wants to take me out and get me drunk; It is not a bad thing. I'm finally a real American Adult, I have my first credit card. I join the Consumer Army, at least I have an excuse for all the crap I buy–building credit for after school.

For break, I had this great plan to work on a new painting, and touch up my illustrations from the previous trimester. While in Rochester, I instead murdered thousands of zombies, my lungs, and several pizzas. On the brighter, productive side I got a job writing music for a movie.

The movie is called "A Night in the Klassy Cat" it is a yarn about a Strip Bar DJ who gets a job offer for a big strip bar in Las Vegas. After several emails with the director, and one meet in person. At worst, my name will be in the credits. Which is not bad at all. It isn't a student film, its a real film. Not too shabby for an Illustrator Musician.

happy thanksgiving.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Experiment with Infants NOW with College Students

Currently I'm taking Childhood & Adolescence Psychology and we're learning about experiments done with Infants to test their cognitive abilities. One of the tests done with Infants as soon as 3 hours after birth - is make faces at them and see is they repeat the faces.

In my test I made faces at Chris and Teo. Chris always responded with the same face, but with Teo it took a couple tries. I DID get him to pick his nose though. : )


Sunday, March 9, 2008

And it begins

My Balls

Firstly, my latest illustration-Clown Life.

Gangsta Clown.

Secondly-- Comic.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Night in Rockchester

Alright, lets start this right. Last night was my going away party.

It was awesome.

I have never consumed so many shots, bowls of beers and lollipops. After arriving back in my apartment at 4 in the am, Linzi asks me if I want waffles, and who doesn't want waffles when drunk. Whilst eating said delicious, Chris decided to put my wizard hat on me.

So I passed out, say 4:30am, and woke up at the great time of 8:30am. Guess what?
I'm still drunk.


I roll around in bed and start slowly packing, and getting ready for my Critique at 10:15. This is my second drunk critique i've ever had, its not that much fun. Imagine riding a tricycle with 2 wheels.

So after my Crit, I get started on packing up all my shit. My dad rolls in around 1:00, and we need to do a few errands and Linzi, Chris and I wanted to get lunch one last time together. So we all meet up at Pita Pit. Bryan shows up too, and its even MORE FUN!

The cool part is that they helped pack up our uhaul van and then we finally leave at 6pm. And Now I'm at my dad's work sitting in an uncomforable chair.

So it was fun.
I love waffles

Monday, February 25, 2008

The First Comic: Lets get this shit started!

Here is the first comic of this web comic/blog.
It's pretty awesome.
Click it to see a larger version.

So what if I'm not even in Croatia yet. Its still awesome.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jumper aka I want my money back

As I walked into the 11:20pm showing of Jumper last night my friend Matt said to me, "This is probably going to be like something I saw in X-Men." I had high hopes for Jumper, I'm not really sure why but something about just had my attention. Its probably because I want to have the ability to teleport.
If you haven't seen jumper, don't bother. It'll be on tv in a year, and then it might be worth it.

The only cool parts were the fight scenes but it feels like I've seen this before.
If by some chance, you haven't seen the trailer for jumper here it is.

The way they moved so quickly reminded me of one thing specifically. And it makes me laugh every time I compare the two: Dragon Ball Z

Now if you weren't a nerd in middleschool, you might have missed on this anime classic. So here is the best example I could get to show you. You'll understand what I mean after the blonde haired goku gets punched in the face about 30 times.

Note the "zwee" sound effect upon "teleporting."

If you have seen Jumper then you understand my pain. Also did anyone else notice all the dialogue being what the characters should have been thinking. "Did I just teleport?" or even better "I'm cutting you down because you need to bring me home."

I could have written a better movie. Seriously, this movie sucked balls.